Tuesday’s Tool’s of the Trade - Surf

Riding foam boards and a big old 7’0” was fun but I knew I was going to want to transition to a smaller board that had more maneuverability before I got back to surfing my Puha.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted exactly, something with more foam for sure, longer and wider then my regular short boards.  I thought about getting a fish but since I have never surfed a fish before I thought it would be best to stick with a thruster.  I checked out  boards, new and used, at all the shops around me and it helped me come to the conclusion that I wanted something in a 6’0” with a fuller nose and wider tail, something easy to catch waves with but still a lot of fun.  While searching craigslist for used boards I came across a posting that had boards in the shape I wanted ranging from a 5’5” to a 5’10”.  I contacted the guy and it turned out he was in Cardiff and could shape me a board to the specs I wanted.  JP and I went over and checked out Blair’s boards, the 5’5” he had was so sick and just felt so good under my arm but I knew I needed to stick with a bigger board for now.  Blair said he could take the 5’5” and scale it up into a 6’0” he even said I could pick a color or two and do a resin dip.  Perfect!

Blair shaped me a 6’0” x 19.75” x 2.50” with a slight single concave bottom, free lap and dirty hot coat glassing. I was tempted to get a blue board since that is my go to color but this board was to symbolize change, progression and FUN!!! So I went with purple with a light grey overlay so it wasn’t too bright.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect board. My cheeks ached the night I picked it up because I was so happy with how it turned out I couldn’t stop smiling as I laid it on the carpet in our living room so I could just gaze at it all night.  Of course the board wasn’t complete without some new fins and a new traction pad. I picked up Ozzie Wrights, Gorilla Grip Pad from Encinitas Surfboards, because the tie dye was cool and I thought it would match the board good.  I wanted to get some bigger fins then I normally ride to give me added stability as I transitioned to a smaller board.  The guys at Surfride helped me to decide on the FCS MF - 2 and I was set!  I love my new board, which I have named, Purple Haze!  With the additional foam hidden in the front I can be a lot more forward on my board which has helped me to paddle in to waves faster and sooner. Once I get into the wave she just wants to go! She has tons of stability so even if I get a little wobbly she holds her edge really well and just drives down the line with speed and she loves to throw in a couple turns and pump through the fast sections. Yew!

Sometimes You Have To Go Back To Go Forward

I didn’t realize how many steps back, in all aspects of my life, I was going to go back in when I started this journey two years ago to heal and create a better life foundation.  I have really taken passages from Dan Millmans, Body Mind Mastery to heart. It’s been my guide book for the last two years.  I have applied Dan’s advice, particularly on the importance of putting in the work, time, and sometimes struggle to build a solid foundation in everything I do. With a solid foundation in place you can develop whatever you are working on, sports, relationships, work, farther. 

I took these words to heart when I took up adult swimming lessons and when Chris introduced me to road biking. I started off slow and took the time to learn my bike and eased into riding on the road.  I even went out with a professional my first time on the road. 

It’s definitely a lot easier to build a solid foundation when you are aware of the importance of it and take the steps from the beginning of starting something new.  The challenge is to apply these principals to an area or sport you have already spent years on developing. Bad habits, especially developed over years are hard to break.  Dan pretty much nails it in this quote!

After a year and a half out of the water it was time to get back to surfing but with a new perspective and a new plan! I was going to correct the bad habit I had developed when I learned to surf, using my back knee first to pop up. I spent some time on my 8 foot BZ Board, focusing only on the most important aspect of surfing and the foundation, my pop-up.  It was fairly easy to practice on a big floaty board in the small summer waves and I had a really good time.  Just practicing the basics I kept reminding myself how much better I will be at surfing for spending the time now to get it right. I eventually moved on to a 7 foot BZ Board and then from there my friends lent me an old 7 foot board so I could actually practice on a “real surfboard”. I had a good time out on that board but then it was time to progress from there.  I knew I needed a transition board, something to bridge the gap between the longboards I had been riding and my short board. Enter my new board, Purple Haze.  Totally different then what I am used to riding it offered me the perfect platform to continue my foundation building as well as progress my surfing skills.  I am so happy I took this time to rebuild my surf foundation.   Bye bye bad habits, hello good times!

Corn, orange pepper, onion, lime juice, lime zest, sea salt, cayanne Corn, orange pepper, onion, lime juice, lime zest, sea salt, cayanne Blended FLax, Chia Seeds, Hemp Seeds Seeds and corn mixture Seeds and corn mixture combined Almost Dry Superseed Corn Chips with Guacamole

My healthy version of a tortilla chip, enjoy!

Superseed Corn Chips

Yields approximately 70 - 90 chips


4 c raw fresh corn, 5-6 cobs

2 c yellow pepper, chopped

1 1/2 c yellow onion, chopped, approx. 1/2 onion

1 1/2 TBSP lime juice

1 TBSP lime zest

sea salt


1 c flax, soaked overnight in 2 c filtered water, do not drain

1/4 c chia seeds, soaked overnight in 2 c filtered water, do not drain

1 c hemp seeds


1. Place corn, yellow pepper, onion, lime juice, zest, and sea salt into the Vita-Mix container(or blender) in the order listed and secure lid with plunger. Select Variable 1. Turn machine on and slowly increase speed to Variable 10. Blend for 30 -45 seconds or until smooth. Transfer to a large bowl.

2. Add seeds to large bowl and mix well. Make sure to get all the flax and chia chunks out.  Both seeds get really sticky after being soaked so you need to make sure you spread them out evenly within the mixture.

3. Pour the mixture on evenly between 3 teflex sheets. Using an offset spatula  spread as evenly as possible to cover sheet completely, 1/4” or thinner. Use the spatula to score the chips either in squares, triangles, or get creative!  Transfer sheet to grid lined dehydrator tray. Dehydrate at 105 for approx. 12 hours.  Flip the whole chip onto mesh sheet, taking away teflex sheet.  After flipped, continue dehydrating for 10-12 hours flipping periodically avoid the edge curl.

4. Stored in a sealed container in the pantry Superseed Corn Chips will last for 2 months.

Tuesday’s Tool’s of The Trade - Road Bike

Pumping up the tires on a road bike is hard work, even with a full sized pump I have to literally lean all of my weight into the last fee pumps as I am full suspended over the pump.  So you can imagine how challenging it is with a small hand pump.  I went around and tested out a few at shops around town and decided to go with The Lezyne Pressure Drive. The main reason I choose this one was because of the ABS Flex hose, not many pumps came with this option.  While I testing out hand pumps it was observed that I was slightly bending the valve as I pumped up the tire which could lead to it breaking. With a flexible hose this possibility no longer exists. I like that the hose tip actually screws onto the valve keeping it secure as I put all my muscle into it!  I like that it’s lightweight, compact and mounts under my water bottle cage to save room.   I’ve already gotten some serious arm work with this puppy and so far so good!