First Cut - chop down and at a slight angle inwards Second Cut, turn coconut one quarter and angle chop Tip of knife to flip up Top popped chop through center Chop bottom half Back for spoon meat removal back of spoon meat removal Chunk of coconut meat removed

Removing the meat from a Young Thai Coconut 

  Coconut juice is an excellent source of nutrients and natural electrolytes. To get all the nutritional benefits it’s  best to have fresh juice straight from a coconut instead of the canned or bottled ones that have become so popular. Besides the fact that I don’t think the bottled kind tastes good a lot of them are pasteurized causing a depletion of the nutrients. If you’re going to buy whole coconuts you will need to know how to get into it to get the juice and then the easiest way to get the meat out to use in recipes

 1. First off you will need a heavy sharp knife, we use a Global meat cleaver.  You want to chop down with a little more force then you think as the shell is fairly thick. You also want to angle the blade slightly towards the center of the coconut. Rotate the coconut 1/4 and repeat until you have a nice cut square. Use the tip of the knife to pull up the top and pop it off.

2. If you have a large measuring cup or pitcher just place it upside down over the coconut whole, flip and let the water drain out.

3. Once the juice is out you can cut it open to get to the meat. Take your cleaver and chop straight through the middle. You’ll most likely only get half through so place it on it’s side and chop through the bottom half. Now you are ready to scrape out the meat.

4. Use the back of a large spoon and wedge it between the meat and shell. With a little force and the tip against the shell push down till the meat reaches the neck of the spoon. Repeat along the whole rim until the majority of the edges are free from the shell.  Continuing with the back of the spoon scrape straight through the center till the whole piece is free.

*If you don’t have a meat cleaver or want to risk life and limb chopping into a coconut a lot of stores will cut the top open for you and rewrap in saran wrap.  Just make sure they make a hole that is large enough that you can get the meat out.  You can use the same technique with the back of a large spoon to scrape out the meat it’s just a little more challenging especially to get the meat at the bottom.