On the other side of our fence was a party! Taken By Canadians One of many vintage bikes on the scene Couches, beer, food and tunes! Trouble in the Wind

A Bad Case of The Sundays - Seaweed and Gravel

   One of the things I have always loved so much about living in Leucadia is the true community vibe.   I can walk into the printers, show up at the beach, grab lunch in the area or stop by the local coffee shop for a tea and I’m bound to run into someone who I know on a first name basis.  Seaweed and Gravel has been a great addition to our friendly and eclectic neighborhood.  Lucky for us the new retail space comprised of a mix of new and used clothes, vintage motorcycles, retro surfboards, and bonsai trees opened up right in front of our house! I knew there was something good coming when I saw a fresh coat of paint on the building with a beautiful rendition of Sitting Bull extending the entire height of the building.  The shop was opened by David Patri, one of the original founders of Spit Clothing, a company I used to ride for when I was a professional snowboarder! Small world indeed.  Since it’s opening in July they have already been a part of a few community events and the other evening they hosted an evening of food, bikes and music. Featuring music by Taken By Canadians and Trouble in the Wind it was a nice evening listening to good music, checking out cool bikes, and socializing with the neighbors. Thanks for the good times!   


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