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  This is a great breakfast option that Chef Martine at Living Light shared with us one day.  Martine’s go to breakfast to give her enough energy and fuel to sustain throughout a workout or intense activity.  I made sure to make note of it so I could try it when I got home.  This is actually really tasty and it totally gives me the perfect amount of fuel pre-workout or hike.  I’m not sure the specific amounts Martine created her breakfast wrap with but this tasted great to me.

Martine’s Energy Breakfast

Serves 1


2 collard leaves

3 TBSP date paste

1 banana

2 pinch’s of cayenne powder


  1. Wash and dry collard leaves.  Cut off stem ends. I like to use my paring knife to trim down the thickness of the stem throughout the leaf as well, I find it’s too tough to chew and makes it harder to roll.
  2. Divide date paste evenly between the two leaves and spread a strip horizontally across stem. Sprinkle with cayenne.
  3. Cut Banana in half lengthwise and place along date paste strip. Roll up and enjoy! 


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