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Peace Pies - Leucadia, CA

We were super sad when The Greenery closed but luckily another great raw restaurant took it’s place, Peace Pies.  Once again we have a raw, organic, gluten free restaurant in the neighborhood. In the few short years since the restaurant opened it has had great success leading to expanded business hours and days.  Stop in and grab something quick from the deli case or sit outside on the patio and enjoy one of their menu items or daily specials.  I love that I can go there and get one of my favorite items like the Falafel wrap or Burger but also have the choice of changing things up with one of their creative specials like the Rawchellado or Spirilina Wrap.  Everythig is made fresh, using local and organic produce.  They have some tasty healthy deserts as well, try one of their many pies, cookies, or cinnamon rolls. Deelish! 


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